About Us

Who are we today?  Well, we gel and jam and most of what we do is a combination of all our ideas thrown together, with none of us claiming responsibility!

NIGEL:  Guitarist-turned-bass-player and Diva of the band.  Been around forever and still recognised at gigs from bands he was in during the 80s and 90s! Better singer than he was 20 years ago....ahem. King of cool.


MARK (BEZ): Bass-player-turned-guitarist and the mysterious one.  Usually found in the shadows, but he is being dragged out into the spotlight he deserves!  Some mean solos on that Gretsch.  Useless fact no.3001:  No-one has ever heard Mark sing - not even to himself.  Also likes to get creative with the band photos to create the arty versions such as this one:


LOOP:  theremin player and singer extraordinaire can be seen solo as Loop Aznavour in his alternative existence! Rhythm and sounds trickster, Loop loves to pull new stuff from his bottomless carpet bag.  Not nearly as fierce as his stage face would sometimes have you believe!

MIKE: Threw his hat into the ring in April 2017 and Adventures of Salvador, like any good timelords, are into their next incarnation! Fast learner and quick wit....think we're gonna enjoy this

Want to know any more?  Well, put down that laptop/mobile/tablet and get out to watch some live music and talk to us in the flesh.  We're FASCINATING!

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