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#shoutout DJ Stephen Doyle @SalfordCRadio joining us Saturday/Fiver entry at The Peer Hat!?
Mar 8, 2017: available now 3 bands plus DJ Stephen Doyle @salfordradio for a fiver! #music?

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May 12, 2017 Bury, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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May 27, 2017 Manchester, United Kingdom
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May 28, 2017 The North, United Kingdom
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Jun 10, 2017 Ramsbottom, United Kingdom
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Hell yeah to some groovy goodness coming our way!

At last we can say we are playing this iconic festival!

Now in its 11th Year and we are joining friends and fans of the

Shangri-La Stage!

We are there on the Saturday evening PLUS

There are Strummercamp Discounts for friends of Shangri-La!

All you need to do is let us know how many tickets you need and whether they are full weekend/day/family tickets and we will be able to offer you a decent discount


People grab your tickets !

Oh, you're gonna love this...

Small signs.  Big news.

Image result for watch this space news

***BIG NEWS***Who wants to join us?!


If you (or someone you know) fancies the gig, playing for love and laughs,

please just get in touch with us:

via the Website HERE

or through Facebook HERE

or by email to:




Thanks - really - you were great!

The Peer Hat - we salute you!


The breadcrumbs have been eaten so we're relying on this and a big A Board!

Sounds great. ..thank goodness for the Internet people are finding us!

9pm F*Bombz

10pm UkePunk

11pm Adventures of Salvador

DJ Stephen Doyle til 1am   

To hear Stephen Doyle's playlist from the night - CLICK HERE!

Did us proud - great music fella!

The Cramps meet The Fall
"Think of The Cramps crossed with The Fall and a topping of punk surf rock and you’ll get the gist" [Read More...]
A fistful of fivers....M66 to the city


Tickets now available for this great gig!

Missed us at Night 'n' Day?  Meet us for the first time and want more?  Well we have a party planned with mates of ours who happen to be pretty talented...we're going to give you a hell of a night.

From The M66 to The City

3 great lively bands to tickle your tastebuds

and Manchester's best alternative DJ

All for a measly fiver!


Click through the poster to be linked to tickets and more details!

Fiver Friday....get on the guestlist

GET ON THE GUESTLIST - Entry for a fiver

Yup - £5 for 4 bands if your name is on our cheaplist

We're on about 9.30/9.45pm if you can't make it earlier!

Message us here or through Facebook to be added....

it's gonna be a storming night - Doris has nothing on us!

Shout out to Sonic Diary

Another great show from Stephen Doyle's Sonic Diary - we're in the mix this time too - check it out, it's always a great show